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Experiencing life in a musical family, I have been exposed to classical music for my whole life and quickly developed a deep passion for it. I have always been drawn to the piano and begged my parents for lessons. At the age of seven, I began taking piano lessons and have now been playing and performing for over 15 years. I have taught piano lessons for two private students. In addition, I love to sing (Soprano). I also play the cello. After highschool, I studied in New York City at Manhattan School of Music. Currently, I am studying at the Conservatory of Music at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. I thank God for the talent He has given me and love to reach out to others through music. I hope to be an inspiration to others as I continue to develop my gifts and pursue my personal, educational, professional goals.

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Wheaton Conservatory

After deferring from school for a year, I am now a new transfer student at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL, and I am studying Piano Performance in the Conservatory of Music. There have been challenges, but I have really loved my experience here so far. I'm definitely extremely busy with classes and homework--it is very academically rigorous--on top of my piano practicing. I would have to say that my favorite class right now is Philosophy. I also sing in Concert Choir, which is a big commitment, and I'm involved in chamber music and accompanying. It's very important to me to use my passions to serve others, so I'm thankful for the support and encouragement I feel in this uplifting environment, where our faith is integrated with learning. I thank God for the opportunity to be studying at Wheaton and continuing to pursue my educational and career goals. I've also met great friends with whom I'm continuing to develop relationships with! The staff and faculty members that I've been in contact with are also really caring and respectable people. And of course, the beautiful campus and amazing dining facilities are icing on the cake!
A heartfelt 'thank you' goes to Ted and Donna Loy--family friends who introduced me to Wheaton--as well as Conservatory Admissions Counselor, Debbie Rodgers--one of the most influential people I met at Wheaton who made me feel welcome and valued from the first day I visited. For anyone interested, Wheaton's website is: http://wheaton.edu/.

Redefining Success: Using Your Talents to Serve Others

In November 2009, I won the title of Miss Capital City, which is part of the Miss Illinois/Miss America Organization (You can visit my blog about this at 2010misscapitalcity.blogspot.com.) I was able to use this title to make a positive impact many times, including this past May, when I had a blast speaking and performing for the kids at Brigham Elementary School, where I was a student from kindergarten through sixth grade.

During the assembly, I talked about my platform, which I call "Redefining Success: Using Your Talents to Serve Others." It was very interactive--I had lots of volunteers answer questions and audience participation as I encouraged the students to identify what their talents are, to practice and develop them, and then most importantly, to use those talents to reach out and serve others in order to make a positive impact on those around them, which is what truly being successful is about. I explained that the way that I've personally applied this as a pianist is by playing for people at nursing homes and hospitals as well as by performing benefit recitals to raise funds for organizations like Children's Miracle Network. I also reminded them of the importance of being humble and respecting the different talents that people have because every person is just as valuable.

In addition, I encouraged the students to set goals for themselves related to their talents, and to work hard and not give up, even when they face obstacles along the way. I shared a personal story about my journey as a pianist and student, facing financial obstacles that prevented me from returning to Manhattan School of Music where I completed 2 years. But I thank God that through persevering by continuing to practice and having a successful audition, I was offered scholarship money to transfer into the Music Conservatory at Wheaton College. I've gone through some very challenging times during the past couple years, but I have grown, learned, and matured so much that I'm thankful about it. I hope that hearing my story gives listeners hope that will help them get through their own situations when they arise, rather than hearing advice from someone who doesn't understand what it's like to face hard times and hasn't had these types of experiences.

During my presentation, I performed two pieces on the piano for them, which they absolutely loved! I had so much fun, especially remembering the times that I performed in that very place as a little girl during the talent shows over 10 years ago. Afterwards, I answered a bunch of questions and met many of the kids individually. Although I spoke to specifically to children, this is a valuable message that I desire to share with everyone. It applies to people of all ages and backgrounds--I believe that everyone has something to offer. I hope that people are encouraged, inspired, and motivated by the truths of my platform, this perspective, and the way of life that I am passionate about sharing.